Birth Injuries, Wrongful Death and Paralysis

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Fighting for Damages in Birth Injury, Paralysis and Wrongful Death Cases

Countless attorneys have handled cases for minor injuries following fender benders and other minor accidents. How many have handled thousands of cases for serious injuries, including birth injuries, injuries that result in paralysis, and fatal accidents?

At the Law Offices of John B. Schwartz & Associates, we have practiced personal injury and insurance law in the Chicago area for a combined 68 years. We have won numerous multi-million dollar settlements and jury verdicts for catastrophic injuries and wrongful death, including incidents of paraplegia, quadriplegia, wrongful death and injuries occurring to mothers and infants at birth.

Have you lost a loved one in a fatal accident, or do you have questions regarding a car, truck or workplace accident that resulted in paralysis?
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Our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases. Let us know if you have questions about:

  • Delivery room errors
  • Birth accident-related cerebral palsy and brain damage
  • Shoulder dystocia and Erb’s palsy
  • Medical malpractice mistakes committed by doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists or paramedics
  • Injuries resulting from unsafe products
  • Construction site injuries and other workplace accidents
  • Accidents involving a truck, car, train, bus or airplane crash

We have handled a broad range of serious injuries, including accidents and malpractice. Cases we have handled include injuries resulting from failure to monitor fetal heart rates, failure to monitor fetal monitoring strips, misuse of forceps and improper administration of anesthesia at accident sites. For a free consultation to discuss your case and concerns, contact our firm.

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For help with legal questions regarding birth injuries, wrongful death, paralysis and other serious injuries, contact the Law Offices of John B. Schwartz & Associates. We are available for Saturday appointments and are easily located in downtown Chicago.

We handle most of our injury litigation on a contingency-fee basis, meaning you pay no attorney’s fees unless we successfully resolve your case. To contact our firm, call 312-332-1586, 800-886-1586 or email