Truck, Car, Taxi, Railroad, Bus and Plane Injuries

Chicago Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Compensation for Collisions or Crashes involving trucks, cars, taxis, railroads, buses or planes

Lawsuits involving roadway, railroad and airline accidents involve an extensive range of liability, transportation, insurance and negligence laws. When you are injured in a transportation accident, you need an attorney who is experienced and skilled in representing people in all types of personal injuries.

At the Law Offices of John B. Schwartz & Associates, our attorneys have a combined 53 years of personal injury experience in the Chicago area.

Mr. Schwartz is a former insurance company claims manager, insurance adjustor and defense attorney, and he knows how insurance companies fight to minimize your compensation. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for clients injured in truck, car, train, bus and plane accidents, and we are willing to fight for the compensation you deserve. Our successful cases include:

  • A $650,000 settlement for a firefighter who suffered back injuries in a motor vehicle collision on the way to an emergency call.
  • A $250,000 award for a paramedic with a shoulder injury that required surgery after a motor vehicle crash.

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We have handled thousands of cases involving car and truck accidents, injuries on mass transit and at-sea accidents involving admiralty law, the Longshoreman Act and the Jones Act.

Helping the Injured When Airlines, Railroads, Taxicabs and Bus Companies Fail to Meet a Higher Degree of Care

Plane, bus, train, taxi and light rail operators are held to a high “degree of care” and are required to show a high level of diligence regarding passengers’ safety. When they fail, injured riders deserve compensation.

  • In a recent case, our client tripped while exiting a plane at O’Hare. The plane model requires a special jetway ramp because the plane’s exit door is at a different height than most planes. Unfortunately, the ramp connected the plane to the jetway at an 11- to 14-degree angle, far exceeding the three-degree maximum angle mandated by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This case is currently pending.
  • Often, injuries occur in ways that may seem unlikely but demonstrate carelessness, negligence and liability. In one recent case, we successfully negotiated a sizeable sum after our client suffered head injuries in an airplane restroom. In another case, a client was hit by falling luggage while employed as a flight attendant. We settled the case with the airline and obtained compensation for our client’s serious head and facial injuries.
  • We have successfully represented an injured passenger when the train overshot the station causing injuries to our client.
  • Successfully settled a CTA passenger case where the bus swerved to avoid a “pothole” causing the passenger to fall and fracture a hip.  This case resulted in a $250K settlement for our client.
  • We settled an employee FELA case for $100k for rib fractures while working for railroad.
  • We successfully settled a case for a Chicago cab passenger getting out of a cab. The cab driver pulled away before the passenger had left. We settled this case for $200K.

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